Integration: Perceptionist (Part 1)

This article explains part 1 of integrating the ISN with Perceoptionist

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If you wish to link the Perceptionist Call Center system to your Inspection Support Network (ISN) you will need to provide Perceptionist with two keys: an access key and a secret access key

You can find these keys by clicking on

Settings and then on My Access Keys

Next, look for the Perceptionist button and click on it.

Next, you will see the two keys to hand over to Perceptionist. Click on "Send Perceptionist Access Info"

For more information about Perceptionist please call them directly at (614) 384-7500 or via the web at

Please Note: If you ever need to terminate your link with Perceptionist return to the same status page and click the revoke button. This will terminate the links between the software.

To continue the set up, follow these steps

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