Integration: Whisper (plus report directions)

This article explains how to integrate the ISN with Whisper.

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Using Inspection Support Network within WhisperReporter


Select the menu sequence: Setup > Inspection Support Services This invokes the following dialog where you select and enter in your login information for ISN

Enter the information provided to you by ISN and then click the OK button (not shown)

Please Note Your domain can be found in your web browser window. Example Only (yours may be different) 


Vendor Is your company key found after the backslash mark beside your domain name.

Note: should you need to access your ISN account in any of the ISN related dialogs shown on the following pages, simply click on their logo which will launch your internet browser and take you to their website login page

Creating A Report

Click on the New Report Icon on the toolbar or use the menu sequence: File > New Report, which will invoke the New Report dialog shown below

If you have setup ISN, you will see the ISN Lookup button in step 2 shown by the arrow above. Clicking that will interrogate ISN and list all available inspection "footprints", or scheduled inspections that have not yet been drawn upon, illustrated by the image below:

Select the inspection you want to use to create the report for by double-clicking on the desired entry (or single click an entry and then click OK). After selecting the inspection using the dialog above, the information will be shown in the New Report dialog for verification as shown by the arrow in the image below. It has pulled down the inspection date/time along with the client and property information. It also retrieved Realtor data, but it is not displayed here.

When you click OK, WhisperReporter needs to confirm that you want to download the inspection from ISN, which will remove it from the ISN queue. You can choose to not confirm the download at this time in case you want to download it again on another computer.

When you click OK, it will create the new report in WhisperReporter. By creating the report this way, WhisperReporter remembers that this report was created using ISN, and will give you the option to be able to upload the completed report to ISN later.

Uploading a Report

When you have completed the report and want to upload it to ISN, simply print the report to a PDF file as you normally might. When the dialog appears after the report has printed to a PDF file, you will see the following dialog along with an ISN Upload button (if the button is not there, the report was not created using data from ISN):

Clicking the ISN Upload button will invoke a confirmation dialog:

You will find the Whisper integration with your ISN by going to Settings -- Office Settings -- Working With Other Applications -- Whisper Reporting

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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