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Integrating Applica/Home Wizard with the ISN
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Home Wizard by Applica is an interactive e-Newsletter & mobile app that helps you grow your business by generating referrals and repeat business for you, through providing your clients with monthly personalized home care reminders, tips, and much more. It is very easy to synchronize ISN with Applica’s Home Wizard interactive e-Newsletter, which together creates an end-to-end solution for running and growing your home inspection business. Once synchronized, when you add new homeowners and real estate agent contacts into ISN, beginning on the first day of the following month, your homeowner contacts will automatically begin receiving your ‘homeowner’ version of the Home Wizard interactive e-Newsletter, and your real estate agent contacts will automatically begin receiving your ‘realtor’ version.

Here’s how easy it is to setup ISN to synchronize with Applica:

Step 1: Login to your Applica ‘Brand-Builder Dashboard’.
Step 2: Go to ‘Subscribers’, and then to ‘Synchronization’.
Step 3: On the Synchronization screen, add your ISN username, ISN password, and ISN Company Key. If you need help finding your Company Key, just click the link there to see a tutorial.
Step 4: Turn the synchronization toggle to ‘ON’. And that’s it.

With your synchronization turned on, every time you login to your Applica Brand-Builder Dashboard, it will automatically synchronize to your ISN account, so that you will see your latest ISN contacts in your Applica account. And on the first of every month, just before your Home Wizard e-Newsletters are sent out, it will also automatically synchronize to your ISN account. Together you have a powerful end-to-end solution that combines the business automation software of ISN with tools from Applica’s Home Wizard that will help you generate referrals and repeat business by keeping you in on-going contact with your clients.

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