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Real Estate Dashboard (RED) vs Online Scheduler
Real Estate Dashboard (RED) vs Online Scheduler

This article compares the Real Estate Dashboard to the Online Scheduler

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Real Estate Dashboard (RED) was purposely made to be Realtor Centric. In other words, to make it as easy and quick as possible for the Agent to view your availability or start an order.

  1. Easy Access: Right from their mobile phone

  2. Stay Connected: One touch call or email you or your office

  3. Simplicity: Realtors/Agents can update their own information

  4. No Hassle: View previous inspection reports

  5. Quickly view your availability

  6. Best of all: ORDER AN INSPECTION

With the Real Estate Dashboard, it makes you easy to do business with! It's all about easy.

Why does the Real Estate Dashboard (RED) not include your inspection services/types and prices? The concept of RED is for the Agent to be able to view availability and order and inspection with as few clicks as possible. Easy for Agent will equal more inspections for you. If you want to gather all of the information then have your agent use the Online Scheduler. Plus, this is your opportunity to upsell services! Follow up with your Realtors/Agents. Offer additional services and continue your great relationship with your Agents.

Online Scheduler is another form to schedule an inspection. On the online scheduler, clients and agents will need to put in all of the information. It's all about options. Don't limit your Realtors/Agents/Clients to one form of scheduling, let them choose.

Why does an Agent or Clients have to put the address, square footage, and more into the Online Scheduler before they see the inspector's availability? To calculate the price, mileage fees, and availability ISN must have that information. This is why the RED and the OS were designed differently.

Imagine trying to provide all those details from your mobile phone. It's not that easy. Realtors/Agents want fast and easy!

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