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How the ISN Invoices Your Company for Completed and Incomplete Inspections
How the ISN Invoices Your Company for Completed and Incomplete Inspections

This article explains ISN billing

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The Inspection Support Network bills one month in arrears on completed inspections. Completed inspections are defined as inspections that you have uploaded an inspection report to OR completed without an inspection report. 

Inspections you leave on your calendar without completing will be billed the following month.

Your ISN invoices can be easily located in your system for your review and reconciliation. We strive to have each month's invoice within your ISN the first week of each month with your credit card being billed the week of the 10th. To view your invoices within your ISN, navigate to Admin – ISN Invoices and Billing Info.

Here you will see a total of recent transactions, which also provides the ability to click on each View Invoice tab to see a list of all of the inspections you are being billed for. You can also print or download the detail to an Excel document if you desire.

If the need arises that your credit card information needs to be updated, you would navigate to this same area to update your credit card. Simply click on the icon named: Update your company’s Credit Card Information.

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