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The Real Estate Professional Dashboard is an intuitive, easy way for agents to schedule and review inspections on their computer or mobile device.

Please note: This may not work for everyone because all the order does is HOLD a spot on the calendar so someone in your office must schedule the order in ISN. The Real Estate Professional Dashboard will always show in your ISN as an unscheduled order. This way, the agent and client are happy, but the inspector or their office team will have to call the client to upsell or quote a price and schedule the inspection

This is meant to be very different from the online scheduler for a website.

Additional notes to mention:

An order that comes through the Real Estate Dashboard is very similar to one that would come in through the OS, but there are some differences to note.

  • All orders scheduled with the RED are placed into Unscheduled orders.

  • RED orders will never have a price, the agent can only book the date/time, address, and client info.

  • We only send notifications for RED orders when an agent completes a RED inspection request. We do not send notifications when RED inspection requests are started.

  • In the Order User History for an order, the creator will always be ISN.

  • RED does not show or provide any type of double/over-booking flags.

Inspection Support has created another great way for your agents to easily book an inspection with you. Be ahead of your competitors in providing the best, most innovative, and easy to use services your agents have come to expect from you!

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Interacting with my Clients and Agents and click on Real Estate Pro Dashboard

Check the boxes according to your preferences and input your cell phone number for a text message and/or your email address in order to be notified when an agent requests an inspection.

Please Note: If you are utilizing a call center you can also include their email address to be notified as well. Simply separate the email addresses with a comma or a semi-colon.
​If you use Home Inspector Pro or CloudInspect for your report writing, when you upload a report you can select an option to push the summary information up with the report. The Repair Request List is a PDF that agents can create for their buyers, which will contain each item from the summary. The agent can then select to have the seller repair, fund, etc. for each item. Click here to learn more.

Each agent has a specified URL you will find in their agent profile. Open to edit their profile and you will see it below the birthday check box.

Send the agent this URL and they will be able to put this direct link on their smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, or on any smart device that has an internet connection. They now have a direct, quick, and easy way to order an inspection, view their other inspections, or update their own information. Here is what the interface will look like.

After you have set up the Real Estate Professional Dashboard you could send a mass email informing agents of this great new option for them.
​CLICK HERE for information on creating a mass email.

Telling your agents about this great new service you are offering? Create a new email template, here is an example of what it could say along with the replacement values to insert into it. CLICK HERE for information on creating a template.

Hi %buyersagentfirstname%,

%company% is excited to send you your own personal inspection dashboard so from your phone or any computer you can:

Quickly see our availability and book an inspection with limited typing. View your past inspections performed by our team. Update your personal information, biography, and photo for our report delivery page (we love helping you market). Here are your team's personal link for our schedule and inspections services:


After you have placed your order someone on our team will call you back to verify all the information so we can smoothly meet our mutual client's needs.

We appreciate your business as we continually strive to offer you the best inspection in town while also providing you and your clients the best possible business and communication experience.

Thanks for trusting %company% with your inspection needs

%company% %officephone%


Become their one stop, indispensable resource for all of their inspection needs!

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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