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Porch Offerings with ISN

This article covers the benefits of using Porch with ISN

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ISN has negotiated free tools for all ISN inspectors to help acquire new customers and drive agent loyalty.

The Porch Guarantee

  1. Free to ISN Inspectors.

  2. If you miss it, Porch will fix it up to the cost of the inspection for 90 days after the inspection.

  3. Simplified claims process

  4. Applies to missed items defined in your Designated Standards of Care

  5. Give your clients peace of mind when selecting you to inspect their new home.

  6. Guarantee credit given to you, the inspector.

Porch Pro Profile

  1. Reach new clients and win new business.

  2. Free to Inspectors.

  3. List your business on and Partners like Lowe’s and Bing.
    Example profile

Home Assistant Gold

  1. Free for ISN inspectors and your homeowners (usually $29/month)

  2. Personal home assistant for your clients, for help with any home service. 24x7 emergency home support available. If they don’t need help, they won’t be contacted.

  3. Sponsorship credit given to you, the inspector.

Porch Perks

  1. Save money and operate your business efficiently.

  2. Unique discounts from Lowe's, Wayfair, Quickbooks, Vistaprint and many others. See Discounts

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