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Zip Code Fees

This article covers how to apply fees per zip code to orders in your ISN.

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Your inspection company may need to charge differing rates to your clients based off of zip codes. In the ISN you can have your system calculate those cost differentials for you!

To start go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees

Then, if you want your zip code costs to calculate into their own line items on your invoice, click the Add Fee button in the upper left, and make a fee named for your Zip Code Fee. If you want your zip codes to calculate into your inspection fee, and not a separate invoice line-item, skip this step.

On the Fees list, in the Options & Calculators column, for the fee you want your zip code costs to calculate into, check the box for Postal/Zip Code Calculator.

Changes to this page update in real-time so you don't need to hit save anywhere!

If you are using the new Fees interface, click on the Edit (pencil) icon to open the Fee calculators option:

Next, check the Postal / ZIP Code Calculator and finally save the changes using the save icon:

Setting up the Postal / ZIP Code calculator

Next, go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees per Zip Code

On this page you'll hit the Add Zipcode Fee button for as many different zip codes as you want to enter. It will create a new zip code fee line each time.

Once you have enough row items created to enter your zip code fees you can start creating your adjustments for each zipcode.

You can enter a regular number or negative number in the $ field.


You can set a % price increase or decrease in the % field. (up to 99% or -100%)

You can also tell the system to replace whatever amount is being calculated into a fee's current cost by unchecking the box, or you can tell it to Add to the total by keeping that box checked (default behavior).
To remove any unwanted zip code fee rows, simply click the trash can on the far right.

Important Note: Calculated fees will always replace a default value of a fee item in the ISN. So if your only calculator checked off for a specific fee is the Zip Code Calculator it will always replace whatever the default fee amount is.
If you have other calculators (square footage, mileage, sales price, etc.) checked off on the same fee you're using the Zip Code Calculator for, the zip code fees will add to those other calculated costs by default. If you uncheck that box, however, it will replace all calculated fees with just the zip fee.

If you have more than 20 zip codes you need to enter fees for, you can fill out this template file and send it back to us at

Example Zip Code Fee Import List

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