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Secure24 Integration

This article covers Secure24 integration with the ISN

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To get set up with Secure24 on your Inspection Support Network go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications -- Secure24(ADT)

It's worth noting that, If you're unable to locate the 'Secure 24' button, it's likely because a different option is currently selected in the 'local alarm leads' setting. To resolve this, navigate to settings > office settings > local alarm leads. Select 'Secure 24' from the drop-down menu. This action will trigger the system to update, allowing you to view the 'Secure 24' button within the office settings.

After the 'Secure 24' option becomes visible, proceed to select the checkbox to enable Secure24.

After you have taken an inspection order on your ISN click on Inspections --View Inspections
You will see an S24 column. (if not hit the 'Settings' button in the lower left and drag S24 from the Hidden Info to the Visible Info box)
You can click on the blue shield to send them to your sending queue - but it will NOT send the information just yet

To send your Secure 24 lead go to Tools -- Send info to Secure24

Send your leads to Secure 24 by clicking on Send the inspection information to Secure24

Here is a great video the Team at Secure 24 put together:ย 

Then you're finished!

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