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RecallChek Integration

This article covers RecallChek integration with the ISN

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The RecallChek mobile app - is an app on your phone that allows you to take pictures of ID tags for appliances – then RecallChek has a team who type in the appliance numbers for you.

How ISN and RecallChek mobile work together: ISN sends your inspection orders to the RecallChek mobile system every few hours (for all inspections within 12 hours). To ensure the information is sent to RecallChek, you will need a RecallChek username/password, and enter that information into your ISN.
To enter your RecallChek username and password into ISN, navigate to Settings --Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications -- RecallChek App Options.

Here you can put in your login information and decide what types of inspections should be sent over to RecallChek

Make sure to have your "Use RecallChek Mobile/ RecallChek App" settings checked, enter your RecallChek account information, then click Save Settings. The inspection order information is then 'pushed' to ReCallChek mobile (as stated above), eliminating having to type the address again.

If you only want specific Inspection Types sent to RecallChek mobile, make sure to click on the box/setting: Only send the RecallChek Mobile App information for the following Order Types, follow the prompts, and then click on Save Settings when finished.

To obtain the RecallCheck Mobile application, please click on the links below, depending on the type of smart phone you use:



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