Imfuna Integration

This article covers integration with Imfuna

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To Connect your ISN with your Imfuna Report writer open your Imfuna software on your desktop and navigate to Manage Properties and click on the + sign.


To connect ISN and Imfuna for the first time, enter your company key, and ISN user name and password. (Information on finding your Company Key here)


After ISN and Imfuna are connected, Click on "Get New Properties" to download your available inspections.


On the desktop version of Imfuna click on Property with No Inspection to find the property you need to complete a report on.


On the mobile version of Imfuna click on "Fetch" to download the inspections that need a report completed.


After you have completed your report and saved the inspection click on "Send to ISN".


After the report has been sent to ISN you will have confirmation via the date and time stamp.


Now that your report has been uploaded to ISN.

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