3D version 11.4 Integration

This article covers setting up a connection between 3D 11.4 and ISN

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It is possible to connect ISN with version 11.4 of 3D! The process is just a bit more involved than it is with version 12.

When you create a job in ISN, we create a 'footprint' automatically for every inspection order. (If an inspection is booked for a time in the past you will need to manually create one however.)
3D is able to extract the basic information about the property from these 'footprints'.

The benefit of integrating the two programs is it prevents you from needing to do double entry for a single inspection. At this time, the sync is 'one way', information is sent to 3D, but the completed reports are not sent to ISN (yet!).

To integrate the two, first you would download and install the remote manager: https://s3.amazonaws.com/isn-cdn/eInspections/4.1.0/RemoteManagerSetup.msi

Setting up Remote manager to use with 3D: The first time you start the remote manager you will see an empty login dialog box; from here the FIRST STEP is to click on the My Keys button found here;

Input your Company Key (also found under Settings - My Access Key), in the Company Key field, and then change the ISN URL Location, then click apply!
(Click here for information on finding your ISN URL Location)

Now you can login, use the same login information you use to login to the ISN.

Once logged in, navigate to Tools (at the upper left corner) Options -- 3DInspections, and click the Use 3D Inspections with the ISN box.

As you start booking inspections, they will show up on that 3D inspections tab that is now there!

Now, open 3D, Click on Maintain -- Company Information -- Online Schedule Check Link to Online Scheduling System, and select Use Export/Import Schedule.

Click the Import button in the upper right corner, make sure Documents is selected, and then click the blue highlighted import button at the bottom of that small window.

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