How to add a new user / inspector to your ISN

This article covers adding new users or inspectors to your ISN

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For this tutorial I will be adding the user Joe Smoe who is an agent trainee with simple responsibilities in the agency.

Step 1

Go to Admin -- User Administration and click  Add a User
Note: This page shows all current users on your ISN, check to see if the user has already been added first.

Step 2
Fill out information for Joe such as username, password, and any personal information.
Select which Office Joe will work in the drop down menu titled Primary Office

Select the Foreground and Background colors, these will appear in his Calendar, or you can elect to keep the default colors.

Select which specific zip codes Joe is allowed or able to perform inspections in. If it is left blank, the inspector can work in any zip code. **There is no cap on the amount of zip codes that can be entered.

When setting up a new user, your ISN now allows you to determine if you want the user to be able to view fees for the inspections and/or agent and agency notes!**

Step 3
Select what privileges Joe will have as a user, read these options thoroughly. Once the privileges are set, scroll down the page click on the green Create New User button. Click here for a detailed list of what these privileges mean.

Congratulations! You have added a new user to your ISN.

Note: At any time the settings created for a user (new or existing) can be changed by following the above steps.
Existing Users you'd just go to Actions -- Edit

Adding an Inspector

The steps for adding an inspector are much the same as above, but you'll need to check off the 'role' box for this user is an Inspector.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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