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Setting an SMTP record to your Gmail address in ISN

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If you have email accounts hosted through Gmail, you will need to use SMTP settings in ISN to prevent your emails from bouncing and to ensure they are received by your clients and agents.

​Please Note: If you use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for your website domain's email, you'll want to use SPF settings, not SMTP.

To add your SMTP settings you will need to know the following:

1) Your email address(es)

2) The password for your email address(es)

Step 1 - Generate an App Password for ISN

Go to and log in to your Google account.

On the left side of the screen, click on Security:

Scroll down until you see "How you sign in to Google" and make sure the 2-Step Verification is on and that you see the arrowhead option:

Note: If the 2-Step Verification is off, take a look at this article which will help you set that up.

Next, click on the arrowhead found on the 2-Step Verification option:

Then log into your account again to have access to the next page of settings:

Once you have logged in again you will see this page. Now scroll down until you see "App passwords":πŸ˜„

Next, click on App Passwords:

Enter "ISN SMTP" and then click on GENERATE:

Select and copy the 16 character code in the yellow bar and paste it into a note (you can also use pen and paper). We will be using this password back in ISN:

Select DONE in your Google account, and Save the SMTP setting in your ISN.

Step 2 - Adding SMTP Settings in ISN

In ISN navigate to Settings -- SMTP Settings and click Add SMTP Setting:

This is the information you need to enter there:

  • Use your Gmail address in the Email Address box.

  • In the SMTP Server box, put

  • Use your Gmail Address in the Username box.

  • SMTP Port: 465

  • Then CHECK the SSL box

Now, let's confirm this works!

Next to the recently added SMTP record, click on Verify:

You should see a successful message there:

If you see anything different than a Success! message, it means that either the generated password or the entered information is incorrect.

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